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Surrendering is quite interesting when you look at it.

As to our nature - there are only two possibilities - our essential true nature and the conceptual reference point, the ego, the one who we think we are.

What is surrendering then? To whom does it apply? Who is the surrenderer?

The ego is full of self interest and cannot surrender. It does not have any power of its own at all or exist in its own right. The ego certainly cannot turn 'its own' non-surrender into a surrender. The Ego only apparently exists because it is believed in. The same is true of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa (sorry Mom) but they are easier to see through.

To our essential nature the concept of 'surrender' does not arise. There is no resistance there at all. There is no non-surrender. Pure Awareness is not personal and does not 'pick' out bits of reality and say "I will have this bit" and "I do not like that bit". So the whole idea of surrender or non-surrender does not even arise.

So what is this surrender all about?

The belief in the conceptual 'me' certainly gives rise to non-surrender from the apparent one who "wants this, but not that". This is an identification with thought - an identification with a conceptual 'me'. The Varuca Salt in us all. The 'me' is only believed in, like the Tooth Fairy, and does not exist either.

What looks like 'surrender', when it really happens, is a severing of identification with the 'me'. We are not who we think we are - not the 'me'. Our essential true nature, which is not personal, is still there and the concept of surrender does not arise. This is 'self-less' in the full sense of the word.

There is no substance to the apparent entity, the ego, that does not and cannot surrender. There is no personal sense of self in our true nature, which does not need to surrender. No act of surrender actually takes place - it is a disidentification from mind - from the 'me'.

In the absence of disidentification from the 'me', the apparent 'me' can apparently 'surrender' by doing deals with itself - self serving by ego repair or ego enhancement. This recasts the self image, the ego, into an improved or modified form. Still an illusion. Still believed in.

When disidentification does not occur 'surrender' becomes an apparent practice done by the Ego on the Ego, which enhances and solidifies the belief in itself. Still in the dream. The dream of the 'me'. "I suppose I will have to make the best of it." is an example of this.

Stepping out - disidentification - is what it is all about.



Veruca Salk

or watch the movie

'Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory' (1971), or

'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'(2005)

The word 'verucca' is the medical term for 'wart' by the way. Nice one Roald !

Roald Dahl, the author of the book on which the films were based, has stated that Veruca Salt was the name of a wart medication he had in his medicine cabinet.

Written by Mike Graham, 19 Jan 2008, last edited 11 May 2008


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