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No Path to Truth

Our innate essential nature is Awareness / Consciousness / Intelligence- Energy / Presence-Awareness /Aliveness - call it what you will.

Awareness / Consciousness is NonDualistic

What we take to be ourselves - the mind-made sense of self - the ego - the self image - the reference point - is Dualistic. This self image is a mental construct and lives in the world of opposites - right/wrong, good/bad etc.

Our actual nature is Awareness / Consciousness, but in suffering as a human we hold that our essential nature is the mental self-image. This is evidenced by our referral to the image we have of ourselves many, many times during the day.

Our actual nature does not change - it still remains as Awareness - Presence. We are still THAT.

It could be said that saying our nature is Awareness / Consciousness is 'theoretical'. Theoretical means in theory only - only as the content of thought. To do that is to ignore (and that is where the word 'ignorance' comes from) our actual nature.

It could be said that our nature is 'ultimately' Awareness / Consciousness, which puts our true nature at a distance from what we think we are. 'Ultimately' means at the extreme end - a long way away.

The Aliveness that we are, the Awareness that we are is fully functional and running 'your' life right now. It looks from 'your' eyes as you read this. Only Awareness can be aware - and you are aware - this cannot be denied.

There is no 'ultimately' about it - it is actual. It is right here, right now. Not ultimate. Not far away.

It could be said that there is an 'intellectual' understanding that our nature is Presence-Awareness. Intellectual means of the intellect, of the mind. Do we then corral off the re-cognition of our essential nature and assign it to the mind?

What thoughts would we be aware of without Awareness? What would be perceived without Awareness / Aliveness?

We notice that we are Present - right here and right now. Is that Intellectual? Not at all! We notice that we are Aware right here and right now. Is that Intellectual? Not a bit.

Our essential nature is available to all, right here and right now, despite anything that thoughts say. Its is our essential nature.

We cannot separate from our essential nature and still be what we are. Our essential nature has not changed in any way - it is essentially 'us'.

The essence of what you are cannot be taken away and you remain the same. Your essence is still there, alive, vibrant, aware, unchanged.

What then of the Spiritual Path, so called? The famous sayings

"You already are what you seek" (Nisargadatta) and

"What we are looking for what is looking" (Wei Wu Wei)

say it all

The start location and the destination are the same. There is no Path.

Your essential nature is already there - fully Alive, Aware and intact in every way.

So what is the problem ?

The problem is identifying with something that we are not. That is the only problem. A case of mistaken identity. An identity crisis.

We are not the one we think we are and that is the one to be changed, to go on the 'path'.

That 'one' may seem to exist, but when investigated is found not to exist

That's all.


Written by Mike Graham, 19 Jan 2008, last edited 29 Feb 2008


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Nisargadatta Maharaj

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