Endless Thinking

Thoughts Just Happen

'We' do not 'choose' our thoughts and they are not 'ours'

They just happen - arise.

We do not choose our thoughts - if we did - who would choose the thoughts that we have?

We would choose good happy thoughts. How did we end up with this lot?

The thoughts are not OURs. They just appear, occur, arise.

We have thoughts - but we cannot find any prior decision to have that specific thought. Even if there was one - where did that prior thought come from?

Thoughts just happen. From where? - how? - who knows!

If you get a 'thought attack' - just let it run and lightly and quietly watch it. Feelings and emotions take time to pass and so do thought streams - they have to run their course and there is nothing that you, or I, can do about it. Let them pass, without modifying, correcting etc, as Bob says.

And notice that you are Present and that you are Aware. Notice your aliveness.

You can only ever come back to that and keep doing it again and again. You can 'feel' your Presence/Awareness at the same time as the emotion, feeling or thoughtstream. Let the thought stream run and lightly and quietly look at it from time to time. Sense the feeling of your own true nature as well.

There are really no 'negative things to come up for you to deal with' as all that comes up is content of Mind - and that goes on forever. There is no end to it !! The 'handling' will go on forever. So forget that !!.

There is only one central thing to sort out - what you are and what you are not. That is where the peace is - and there is no way that it can be anywhere else. This is the central issue and the only issue.

The 'me' that 'has' those thoughts does not exist in actuality and has never existed.

The 'me' thought itself is a thought that just arises.

The 'me' thought continues to arise even if you do not believe that thought any more!! Just because you have seen through the 'me' does not affect the 'thought generator in the head'.

Which means you can still 'have' the thoughts about the 'me' even if you have a clear and unshakeable understanding of what is real within you. Those thoughts do not matter any more.

They were never 'ours' in the first place and we did not choose them, but they are now seen for the rubbish that they are and always have been.

The clear and unshakeable understanding is not a thought-based understanding - it is a direct knowing by Awareness of itself in the immediacy of now.

A Seeing, actually.

There is nothing wrong with thoughts - they come and they go. It is only the 'me' in them that causes the suffering.

Thoughts are not the problem.

They are not the cause of suffering.


Thoughts and Control

We do not choose our thoughts.

We do not control the thoughts that we have, and we do not select the thought that will arise. They are not 'pre-inspected' - they do not pass via Quality Control.

Many thoughts occur that, given the choice, we would not choose.

If we do not choose our thoughts - if we do not control our thoughts - what is there left to control?

This might appear at first glance to be a threatening situation.

Life Lives Us.

It always has - and has continued to do so even though we have believed that we controlled our thoughts and decisions.

Decisions are certainly made by the Aliveness that we are and then are 'claimed' by the conceptual sense of self - after the fact.

This is the illusion that makes it appear that the illusory sense of self is in control.

Life Live Us and it alway has.

That is our Aliveness.

There is no aliveness in 'who we think we are' at all.


Written by Mike Graham, 19 Jan 2008, last edited 12 May 2008



Nisargadatta Maharaj