The Ego, the Reference Point

Just Like the Real Thing

Awareness does not have a location - it is not an entity, with a fixed position in space. Awareness is not an object.

In fact our true nature is a movement, an act of living. BE-ing itself is a verb just like SWIM-ing is a verb. Our essential nature is a movement, an action. Our true nature is Aliveness. It is not a not a fixed state nor a static "Be".

Life Itself is the action or process of LIVE-ing. Without that quality of action it is not 'Life'. It is dead. It is the movement that is the essential nature of Life.

Awareness is an 'awaring' (a verb) that is only in the immediacy of now, and there is no entity that is doing it. Krishnamurti describes it as a 'movement'. It is the movement of life itself.

If our nature is considered to have a position in space it has been apparently 'converted' into an object. What has really occurred is that our true nature is held to be an object with a location in space. That is the misidentification, the identification with form.

It is the case of mistaken identity - our true nature is held to be the content of thought - which is the underlying cause of human suffering. Even holding that idea does not change our true nature in any way - just clouds it from view.

The 'No Self' that the Buddha refers to is Awareness/Consciousness - there is no separate entity there and it does not occupy a specific location in space. Life itself living through the form without any sense of a separate Me. Aliveness itself.

Can we know that Presence-Awareness is there - yes - but not with the mind. What you are aware of in the immediacy of the moment is Life itself. The 'experience', however, is not it - as the experience is an objectification (in thought) of that which has occurred. Experiences are objects in consciousness.

About as far as you can go with words is - "Can I be sure of my own existence?" - Yes. "Am I aware?" - Yes.

Even that is conceptual, but it points so very strongly that it is virtually impossible to not see the actuality of it in the immediacy in which each question is first considered.

You cannot track down your own nature, you cannot find it, you cannot 'see' it (you already are it). Anything that you can find, see or track is something separate from you. Then the question is - "Who is aware of that?" This is the truth of "You already are what you seek".

All that is left is the knowing, the resonating. The reality of existing and being aware.

If there is a sense of 'me' currently being believed in, you initially have a sense of it existing, but on looking for it you find that there is no location where it can be found. You cannot find the central core of it in any way. There is no locus. There is nothing there that is aware apart from Awareness itself.

This SEEing leads to the realization that the personal 'me' actually does not exist. True - it has no awareness at all. No aliveness. In actuality is does not exist and has never existed.

The 'me' that we believe in looks so close to our actual nature - if it were not apparently very close to it - we would have sorted it out years ago.

The personal sense of 'me' is a hoax, which looks, smells and tastes exactly like the real thing - except that it is a lie. Nothing more than the content of thought.

To the mind it IS the same thing, as the identification is complete.

To the mind it is The Real Thing!

Subtle is an understatement !

One of them has a sense of knowing under it, Aliveness (Life Itself) and Awareness in the immediacy.

The other has nothing other than the content of thought.

Looking for the personal 'me' is a bit like going into a huge aircraft hanger - looking around - and finding nothing there at all. No discrete entity there at all.

Only space, which is the SEE-ing through the illusion of the 'me'.

Asking - "Can I doubt my own existence?" "Am I aware?" This yields different results. Presence and Awareness.

Asking "What is wrong with the present moment unless you think about it?" leaves you right in the middle of it - another 'route' to the same place.


Written by Mike Graham, 8 Feb 2008, last edited 17 Feb 2008

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