The Ego, the Reference Point

Ego is Thought Only

Sometimes there is an actuality (something REALLY there) and also a thought or a concept about it. An example would be the left leg. We can see that it is there and we can also have a thought or a concept about it.

We can look at the actuality, the left leg, in thoughtless awareness. The seeing is paramount, and there is no thought. It is there in the immediacy of now and old dead pictures are not accessed. There is an aliveness to the perception.

A Belief is a piece of data we take to be completely True, without full and complete evidence - in the absence of proof. It becomes a belief that is 'my belief'. There is a 'me' attached to it.

Some people would say you need a belief about having a left leg even though you can see it is there. Do you need a belief about something that is demonstrably true?

This is interesting if someone asks - "Do you have a left leg?" What then is referred to? - the belief about the leg which says it is there (an old thought), or the actual leg (seen in the immediacy of now)? Do you refer to thought or to the actual, the existing?

This is not an issue when you are just talking about legs. But if this is applied to the area of our true nature it becomes quite important.

The 'me' is something that does not exist but there are plenty of concepts about it, including a solid belief in its existence. It is a sham. There is a belief but no actual, substantial 'me' to believe in. It is a ghost in the machine. Nothing there except a hollow belief. All feathers and no meat!

This bundle of thoughts is not a description of your essential nature because that cannot be described. Your true nature is beyond thought, beyond attributes, beyond description. So it is a description of something else. That something else does not exist, but the description does and it is very vivid. And very tragic.

It is only the Aliveness / Awareness / Consciousness that you are which exists in the immediacy of now. It is Presence - Awareness, which is ineffable.

When a humans think of themselves they normally consult their thoughts, but not the Actuality of their Being. It is a case of mistaken identity and is the cause of suffering.

The way out is to look for the 'me' in the immediacy of now, this instant, and find out if it is there. "Does it exist?" "Is there anything there apart from the Aliveness that I feel?" "Is there a 'me' there that I can find?" "Is so - who is looking at that?"

If the 'me' does not exist now, could it ever have actually existed?

Truth is always there and if the 'me' is real it has to be always there.

But it is not. It is a mental creation, a fabrication. The 'me' is just thought.

Only the Aliveness that you are is always there. Presence - Awareness


Written by Mike Graham, 19 Jan 2008, last edited 17 Feb 2008



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